Woroldwide Tv English American Spanish Dutch Scandinavian Be-In Sports 1800 Channels

This is a very economical way of receiving the best of the worlds Tv as you can see from the list below everything and anything you would want is here and is getting more channels than the list shows and believe it or not its 150€ including Android Receiver or 180€ on the Superfast Octo Core Andriod and 199€ on the easy to use Mag Box as per Video if you have a rental property of your child is studying any of these languages at School this is a must. FREE 24 Hour Trial in your own Mag Box or Andriod. IF it’s just English then we have a fabulous one at 299€  with catch up TV over 7000 Movies and over 800 Box Sets on demand plus Box Office Boxing Then only 125€ a year on any device.  112 USA Television Channels 56 Pay Per View UK Television Channels.

Swedish Television Channels 61 Portuguese Television Channels  57          Greek Television Channels  54 German Television Channels  78 Arabic Various Countries Television Channels 239 Be-In Sports Television Channels  17 Osn Television Channels 35 Spanish Television Channels 73 Dutch Television Channels 50 Ex Yugoslavia Various countries French Television Channels 170 Turkish Television Channels 78 Indian Television Channels 84 Romanian Television Channels 42 Russian Television Channels 38 Italian Television Channels 140 Polish Television Channels 39 African Television Channels             6 Adult Television Channels  10 NOW THATS GREAT TV Plus we add FREE Movies and Box sets on the Android Receivers. This is plug and play we can POST TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD all you need is a good 4mbs Internet and your on.

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