The Spanish internet suppliers are blocking the server, it may come back but I have put on a FREE VPN on one of my ANDROID boxes it works ok but not acceptable for the long term in my opinion.
I am working on alternatives but VPN of some sort maybe needed for the future to stop this happening again to our supplier or ANY other in Spain.
I have never used a VPN before because we have never http://aafreeenglishtv.com/wp-admin/edit.phpneed it over here so I am in the dark as all of you are but in the UK it is common place they block regularly.

It’s my fault, it’s not the TV suppliers fault, it’s the Spanish internet suppliers who are doing this please take this into consideration yes other suppliers may be live at the moment but they will be found eventually but I know its effecting 1,000s of people in Spain.
Do not try jumping Ship because the grass will not be greener we all need to try and be calm for the sake of my ears on my phone today.
I have now downloaded from play store a FREE app called Turbo VPN it is working Ok but I do think we ALL may need something more stable going forward I am talking to LIBERTY SHIELD who I know have supplied some clients in the UK and it works by being installed after your original router the cost will be approx 29.99€ for router with that you get 1 free month then its.

Monthly £6.99
Quarterly £19.99
6 Monthly £35.99
Annual £69.99

I am prepared to order these in for my clients to help us all out of this situation any one wants me to order 1 for them please email me.
As I have said earlier lots of people in the UK have to use VPN to get IPTV plus you will be able access BBC I player etc going forward.

Please email me any question taking into consideration I have NEVER used a VPN DO NOT RING ME PLEASE I HAVE a LOT OF CLIENTS

Pete Molloy