Cyber Attack

  It affected far more than what has been reported
Television For All We Have It


YORKSHIRE POST A new law passed today means people using streaming devices like the Kodi box could now be jailed for up to 10 years. The Digital Economy Act has passed into law, meaning users now face up to a decade behind bars for illegally…


Film on for Computers Androids & Tablets have now been blocked and they want you to pay 14.95 a month. It's getting scary scary out here in the TV world every one is coming for Ex Pats from all sides. Be aware do not buy Androids for English…

European Court Ruling NOT GOOD FOLKS

Is this the end for Kodi? European court rules 'fully loaded' boxes ARE illegal Kodi is a free service that streams apps and on-demand services onto your TV  Many of the plug-ins offered host illegal streaming services for films and…
Sol Golf 1 2 & 3

Sol Golf Villamartin Upgrade

Sol Golf 1 2 & 3 Upgrade and repair community System     Again aa free English Tv were called out to try and repair a poorly installed system on Sol Golf by Villa Martin 2 different Communities both with pretty much the…
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NO SIGNAL ON YOUR TV WHY IS THAT   Here at aa free English tv, we get more phone calls regarding this than anything else and I know you won’t believe when I say clients and none clients alike ring me up even at 11pm Saturday’s…

Scanning for lost missing or updating channels

AA Free English Tv Spain For more details regarding your Sat Receiver, we would recommend you follow the instructions in the Manual if you have lost it contact us we will try to send one electronically direct to you if available another great…

Pau VIII Community System

We repair community systems, we have completed 6 so far. The latest was for the Community on Pau 8 in Villa Martin after 3 attempts we finally managed to boost the signal to the furthest properties on the Urbanization. Making the President…

Astra 2 Update

OUR SHOWROOM Try Before You Buy Norwegian Tv Spanish Tv English Tv French Tv Dutch Tv Polish Tv has it all.  Sky Digital : A new channel has started in DVB-S VideoGuard: Sky Spies (United Kingdom) on 11934.00MHz,…